Practice Areas


For most people, buying and selling property are amongst the most high value and important transactions they carry out in a lifetime, so they need everything to be right. That means knowing exactly what’s being bought and ensuring that buyer and seller are satisfied when the sale is complete. Call us for: all matters relating to: Real Estate and Conveyancing, Private and Commercial Sale, Land Transfer, Title Acquisition, Subdivision and Strata Titles, Modification and Removal of Restrictive Covenants and Registration of Land.


Estate planning is vital. Delay and the lack of a cohesive plan can cause many problems when it comes to your legacy. They can frustrate your intentions and lead to disputes that tear families apart. It is important to make a plan with a clear and consistent vision of what you want for the future and your loved ones. Call us for all matters dealing with: Estate Planning and Probate, Wills, Trusts, Administration and Distribution of Assets.


We provide clear insight to our clients on areas including: Tax Compliance, Tax Audit Representation, Tax Settlement, Tax Preparation and Returns.